The History of Canadian Health Care

In an ever-changing balancing act between what the public needs and medical advances, Canada’s health care system has become part of the country’s social progress. It began with a simple survey and has become an example to the world today of providing citizens with the best socialized medical care available. Designing a System that Worked In 1949, a survey was offered at election time asking Canadians if they would support a socialized health care plan, to which they would make monthly payments. An overwhelming 80 percent of responders said “yes.” As the system was worked out over the following 8 years, problems were addressed and improvements were made. In 1957, legislation was written and passed that gave the federal government the ability to provide health care to all Canadians. Canadian Health Care Today Today, health care is offered to all citizens. If a resident moves, they are still entitled to coverage. All health care facilities participate in the system, so that the insured can find the care they need. All necessary services are covered, which leads to a population...

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What Major Health Services are Provided?

In the Canadian health care system, many services are provided. Services will be adapted to community needs, providing the services that are most often required. The Canadian government health care is more often referred to as Medicare. Here are some of the services that are included in Medicare: Primary Health Care This encompasses the services that are considered essential for maintaining health. Some of the common services covered under primary health care include the following: Preventing and treating common diseases Treating injuries Basic emergency services Primary mental health care Referrals for other levels of care Maternity care Childhood care Rehabilitation services End of life care In addition, there are many other services that are provided by Medicare. If you suspect broken bones, your x-rays will be covered. Hospital care to treat diseases and injuries is covered. When you need to have lab work completed to help determine causes and solutions, those labs are also part of the coverage you get. Immunizations are included, which helps protect the population from deadly diseases. You will even find that many types of...

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How to Sign Up for Health Care

All permanent residents and Canadian citizens are eligible for Canada’s public health care system, known as Medicare. On a federal level, health-care standards are created. Each province runs its own health care system under those guidelines. Here is a guide to enrolling in Medicare. Are you Eligible? If you can answer “yes” to any of the following, you are eligible for Medicare coverage: Are you a Canadian citizen? Are you a permanent resident? In certain provinces the following can also be covered: Temporary workers Students Refugees that have passed the waiting period How to Apply for Coverage Your application will need to be done through the Ministry of Health in the province where you live. This department can provide you with the application form. You can also get an application form at any doctor’s office, pharmacy, or hospital. It is important to apply for coverage as soon as you are eligible. This will help prevent financial issues should you need health care that you can’t afford. Forms You Need to Show When you apply, you will need to bring...

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Canadian Government Health Care

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A Brief History

Learn about the history of the Canadian government health care system. When did it get started? How has the health care system changed to become what it is today?

Major Services Provided

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