Three Tips For Designing An Eye Catching Flyer

Posted by on Sep 2, 2014 in Blog, Business

The biggest challenge that any flyer has to face is catching the attention of the reader. Whether the flyer is being handed out to people walking by or whether it’s hung up at a coffee shop, it needs to be able to capture people; attention. There are several elements that contribute to an eye catching flyer. If you’re designing a flyer and want it to capture the attention of all who view it, adhere to the following tips. Tip #1: Use appropriate colors. Colors go far in attracting, or losing, the attention of people reading your flyer. Use colors that are bright, attract attention and incite action.  You’ll likely want to have your logo on the top or bottom of the flyer. In this case, use the colors within your logo to dictate the colors used throughout the rest of the flyer. For example, if you have a red and orange logo, you can use both of those colors for box outlines. Tip #2: Choose your graphics carefully.   Instead of being overly burdened with text, try to convey your main message with graphics. An eye catching flyer makes intelligent use of graphics to capture attention and convey the purpose of the flyer at the same time. This delicate balance requires first having a pre-set goal for what you aim to accomplish with your flyer. For example, if your flyer is promoting a yoga studio, you’ll want to choose graphics that promote a feeling of relaxation. Decide on your goal with the flyer and then spend as much time as necessary looking for the right graphics to convey your message. Tip #3: Don’t use too much text. One of the biggest mistakes you can make with your flyer is having too much text on it. People see a massive amount of text on a flyer and they immediately throw it away or look somewhere else. The text on your flyer should serve only to complement the graphics and help convey the same central message. You might try writing up everything you want to see on your flyer and then systematically editing it down to a few sentences that can be displayed in large font. Having a small amount of text will go far in keeping the attention of anyone who views your flyer. You Can Design an Eye Catching Flyer Now you understand some important elements that go into creating an eye catching flyer. For more information on getting your flyer printed, contact Alberta Printing Co...

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