Picture Perfect: Custom Styles For Your Custom Framing

Posted by on Sep 4, 2014 in Blog, Business

Custom framing is a unique way to showcase your pictures. Whether you want to frame your artwork, photography, or some family photos, you will need to consider the style you desire and whether or not you will choose glass or acrylic for the finishing touch.  The Styles Depending on the effect you want your framed masterpiece to have, there are styles ranging from simplistic and sleek to embellished and artsy. Flat top and round top metal frames can be used for framing photographs and flat canvases. This option is great for any picture, especially if you don’t want the only focus to be the frame itself. Graphite materials are also commonly made available, and these types of frames offer matte finishes and a simplicity to their style. Specialty finishes for metal frames and even wood frames add a personal touch. This is a great way to capture artwork, as a custom finish can compliment the look of the piece. Floating frames attach to the back of a canvas artwork or photo and give the piece the effect of floating in the frame. It’s important to measure the exact depth of the piece to ensure a perfect floating fit. Diploma frames are constructed specifically for diplomas. There’s no doubt that you have worked hard for your degree, and chances are you want it displayed stylishly without the frame being overbearing. With sleek finishes and double mat accommodations, there isn’t a diploma you can’t have framed. Some custom framing stores even offer the option to choose school colors. Canvas depth framing comes in a nice choice of metal or wood frame packages. Created for use with canvas prints and artwork, you can put these frames together to fit your canvas perfectly. Protective Glass and Acrylic  Glass fitted to your frames can definitely reduce the chances of damage. Glass offers benefits such as UV protection, reduced glare and reflection, and can even be found in shatter-proof options. Acrylic is a choice that many people decide to purchase, as it offers total reflection and glare reduction. This is a must have for photographs and artwork, as the piece can be seen without reflections standing in the way. Acrylic also provides the same protection as glass, as well as a static-free surface for your pictures, reducing the need to frequently clean dust from your pictures. Both options are easy to clean with glass cleaner, and add that finishing touch as well as a protective covering for any picture or artwork. Even with the added price, many people are pleased with the quality and professional look glass and acrylic give to the overall custom frame. Once you hang your custom-framed piece—from a location like Dallas Frame-Arts Ltd—your picture will surely be worth a thousand...

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