How Lighting Design Affects Your Health

Posted by on Sep 25, 2014 in Blog, Business

Design psychologists are realizing that lighting shouldn’t be an afterthought; the type of lighting you use in your home greatly affects your productivity within that space. Here are some of the recent findings on the benefits of good lighting.

Health Benefits of Light

Studies on light have shown that poorly lit environments can cause sleep disturbances and poor patterns in our biological clocks. Meanwhile, bright and pleasant lighting helps your body stay on target.  

Psychology has a lot to say about lighting, as well. Certain types of light, such as natural light sources, have the ability to improve our moods and productivity. Aside from getting enough time outdoors, you can maximize the benefits of natural lighting by having bright, clean windows. There are also sources of simulated natural lighting, such as SAD light bulbs, that help your body produce the effects generated by natural light.

The psychological benefits of lighting offers some points on what to avoid, as well. Harvard researchers have discovered that blue light emits frequencies that can disturb sleep and negatively impact your health. Blue light is often part of the spectrum of cheap energy-efficient light bulbs and the glow of a computer screen. Since we are exposed to these types of light often, it’s even more important to design home lighting so that it takes advantage of good psychological properties rather than bad ones.

How to Choose Good Lighting

There are a few simple guidelines to follow when choosing lighting design in your home. First of all, it’s wise to use natural lighting sources whenever possible. This means opening up the windows and keeping doors open in your home so that the natural light can penetrate further into the home. Not only will you save money on electricity in this way, but you’ll also get the health benefits of natural light. And when it comes to artificial lighting sources, choose lights that mimic the natural frequencies of outdoor light.

Lighting stores are a great resource for reworking the lighting design in your home. Many of these stores employ lighting design specialists and interior designers that can give you advice on how to get a good combination of light in each room of your house. A professional consultation ensures that you are getting the most out of your spendings, both in terms of the health benefits and aesthetic appeal. No matter how you choose to make the change, having better lighting in your home will bring you numerous benefits.

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