Hydro Excavation As A Better Option For Minimally Invasive Earth Moving

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All construction work involves a great deal of earthworks. Mechanical digging into the earth to expose facility lines such as piping, cables, telephone lines and even gas lines has always been the conventional method preferred by many contractors. A more effective method for such minimally invasive excavations earthworks can be found in hydro excavation. Hydro excavation is the removal of earth using pressurized water to loosen the composite earth and a suction pump to suck out the resulting water, earth slurry.

Many people assume that conventional mechanical digging methods are more cost effective earthworks alternatives to hydro excavation. This may not be necessarily true. The following details highlight why hydro excavation may just be the ideal, cost efficient earth removal option.

Hydro excavation minimizes probable damage to underlying utilities

In many instances, labor workers accidentally damage pipes and lines because they do not know when they have reached the utility line. Using hydro excavation earthworks technique eliminates this possibility. The pressurized water does not damage pipes or wires and the contractors will know when to stop digging. Earthworks done using hydro excavation methods will therefore attract no liability costs from damage of underground utilities.

Hydro excavation is less labor intensive and cheaper

A hydro excavation machine can be run by very few operators. These few individuals can cover great areas and get the job done successfully. This, when compared to hiring very many diggers and machine operators, translates to a cheaper overall cost. This is a calculation that most people embarking on earthworks rarely consider. Comparing the cost of hiring hydro excavators plus the tools, and that of hiring laborers and tools over a longer duration time plus debris removal, reveals that hydro excavation is indeed the cheaper option.

Hydro excavation can be achieved in situations of minimal space

A hydro excavation truck can be parked quite a distance from the actual excavation site.  Piping is then laid to the location of earthworks. This achieves literally the same earth removal as when the truck is exactly on site. This feature makes hydro excavation quite effective in places where minimal space is available for digging by several laborers.

Hydro excavation achieves a cleaner finish

Earthworks involve a lot of debris. This has to be deposited in designated areas and moved to create space for better digging and other activities. In the end, this action of digging, depositing and moving debris results in a difficult yet dirty finishing. Filling holes that were physically dug also results in a poor finish. Hydro excavation achieves digging while removing debris in an instant yet tidy manner. This results in a cleaner finish that is easy to work with for all contractors, be it in construction or utilities installation and maintenance.

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