Preventing An Ant Infestation In Your Storage Unit

Posted by on Nov 2, 2014 in Blog, Business

Storage units offer a safe and secure place to store away your belongings during a move, home renovation or long-term storage situation. Whatever your reason for renting a unit, keeping your belongings in good condition is priority number one. One way to accomplish this is to prevent an ant infestation. Though small, ants congregate in masses. Before you know it, one ant seems to turn into a million. Fortunately, you can protect your unit. Preparing the Unit Goal number one should be to assess the condition of the unit before you move in. It’s much easier to prevent an infestation than it is to wipe one out, so make certain the unit is bug free. Try to secure the unit at least three days in advance, so you can take your time preparing it. You first want to inspect the unit for any crevices, cracks or open areas that small insects like ants would be able to get through. Fill these areas with some type of insect trap or gel. These agents will ensure that any insect that tries to enter into your unit won’t get very far. Preparing your Belongings In the same manner that you don’t want to store your belongings in a unit that is already infested, you don’t want to store items that are already infested. While ants are primarily attracted to sugars, they are also attracted to some proteins and carbohydrates, including pasta and cheese. Make certain that you are thoroughly cleaning everything before you store it in the unit, especially kitchenware. Clean all dishes with a soap and water mixture to remove any food residue. For food preparation appliances like toasters and blenders, make certain you clean the inside of the appliance as well. If you’re storing away furniture, vacuum the furniture and have it professionally cleaned to remove any traces of food or crumbs . After the Move-in Keeping your storage unit ant-free requires an ongoing effort. Visit your storage unit at least once every 30 days. Insect traps and gels have a shelf-life of about a month. After this period, the chemical agents inside them lose their effectiveness and need to be replaced. Visiting your unit frequently also allows you to recognize a problem with ants before it gets too far out of hand. If another tenant in the facility has ants in their unit, even with your efforts, the ants could travel to your unit. The longer the ants occupy your unit, the harder it will be to get rid of them. If you notice the problem fast enough, the facility manager should be able to correct it quickly. Make certain that you are putting forth an earnest effort to keep ants away. It’s up to you to keep your unit ant-free, so make certain you’re doing your part. Go to website links regarding storage unit care for more...

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