Play It Safe When A Prowler Is Lurking Outside Your Home

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Motion detector lights are quite good for scaring away prowlers, burglars, and potential home invaders. If you are at home late at night and the motion detector lights go on, take the situation seriously and act in a deliberate and careful manner. Most importantly, never overreact and force an unnecessary confrontation with a possibly dangerous criminal.

Never Open the Door to Take a Better Look

You cannot be sure anyone is outside so you choose to open the door to see what’s there. 

Huge mistake.

What you have just done is opened a portal for a thug to enter your residence. A criminal could very well be waiting right outside your door. The second you open it, an opportunity is created for an armed assailant to push his/her way right inside.

Employ the Stealth Approach

If you want to determine whether or not someone is outside the home prowling about, do so in a stealthy manner.

From a window with the blinds down, stand off to the side, open a slight slit in the blinds, and peer out inconspicuously. You want to be able to see the prowler and, yet not be seen yourself.

The best way to avoid being noticed is simply to have camera set up outside the residence. Security systems, such as those from Snider’s Electronics, with video monitors allow you to see what is occurring on your property from a safe location.

Treat the Situation Like an Emergency, Call the Police

If you are positive someone is lurking about on your property, call the police and request assistance. This is going to lead to an immediate and serious response by any officers on duty or even off duty in the region. 

Never take the presence of an intruder lightly. A prowler stumbling on your property late in the evening is an emergency situation. Have the police check things out the minute you suspect someone is trying to break into your home or even “merely” trespassing.

Please note, dealing with the intruder is law enforcement’s job and not yours.

Do Not Confront the Prowler

Absolutely do not leave the safety of your home and attempt to detain anyone outside. This is extremely dangerous. As long as the person does not attempt to breach entry to your interior, you do not have to take any steps to defend yourself.

Call the police and, if you are worried about your safety, remain on the line with the dispatcher until help arrives.

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