5 Questions To Ask A Security Guard Service Before You Hire Them

Posted by on Nov 5, 2014 in Blog, Business

When you’re about to host an important event and you want to hire a security company to provide protection, you need to make sure that the company you hire has the right kind of staff that is trained and experienced to handle any issue that comes up. So to help you vet your security company, here are five questions to ask before you make a hire.

What Specific Training Do Your Guards Have? — You don’t want to hire guards who have been through a four-hour course on security and then believe they are ready to be called professionals. Here’s what you are looking for: guards who have taken a minimum of four hours of training in terrorism awareness, weapons of mass destruction, public relations, observational techniques, communication and legal liability. These are all essential training tools for a professional security guard like one from Calgary Security Services Ltd, so if you don’t hear at least three of these responses, look for another security company.

Have All Your Guards Undergone Background Checks? — This is another important question, because you want guards who don’t have any criminal backgrounds that might result in them stealing items from your event, especially if you’ve hired them to provide security at a wedding, where gifts and money are in abundance. Ask the security company to provide you with verified fingerprinting checks done by the company on behalf of its employees.

Do You Provide Armed Security? — If your event is high profile and you are fearful of real threats, you may need to hire a security company with armed guards. Not all security companies have armed personnel because of the additional firearms training and licensing associated with carrying a weapon, so you can’t just assume that the company’s guards are armed. Keep in mind that you will pay more to hire armed security guards as liability insurance is higher due to the increased risk of someone getting hurt.

What About Metal Detectors? — If you’re hiring guards for a school or church, you may need to have metal detectors installed to ensure that no guest or visitor is carrying a weapon onto your premises. Some security companies have these detectors as part of the services they provide, while others can make provisions to obtain them if you have the need.

Will Your Guards Make Arrests? — This may be important if there’s an incident at your event that requires the restraining and arrest of an individual. In Australia, ordinary citizens can make arrests without a warrant to prevent acts of violent or a breach of the peace. But some security companies prefer to restrain suspects and call uniformed law enforcement authorities to make the actual arrest. Find out which method the prospective security company uses, so you won’t be caught by surprise on the day of your event.

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