Keep Your Rugs Looking Like New

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Area rugs can help to make a room feel warmer.  They can also add texture and color to an otherwise boring room.  Rugs also help to define space within a room.  Furniture placement in a large room is easier when an area rug is used.  To keep rugs looking like new, you must take good care of them.  Here are some tips on helping your rugs stay looking great. 

Regular care

A light cleaning with a vacuum can remove the dirt that has not yet embedded within the rug’s pile.  Although a rug should be deep cleaned or steam cleaned annually, you can simply vacuum the dirt out every few days.  Going against the pile will raise the nap, remove dirt and will help keep it looking fresh.

Living with animals

Rugs can be damaged by pet urine, feces and vomit.  Damage doesn’t have to be permanent if you can deal with it immediately. 

  • If a professional rug cleaning is out of the question because of time, start by absorbing the urine with a cloth. 
  • Lightly spray the area without flooding it with a mixture of vinegar and water and continue to blot.  Spot removers or chemicals on the stain will do more damage to the rug.  Simply dampen and blot until the spot is removed. 
  • As for feces and vomit, try to blot up whatever you can, and have the rug professionally cleaned as soon as possible. This will eliminate odor and bacteria as well.

Storing your rug

Rugs should always be stored clean.  Wrapping a dirty rug will do permanent damage to it.  It is best to have it professionally cleaned before you store it. 

  • Wrap it in a material that is both water and puncture resistant.  If moisture is trapped inside the rug, it will cause mold, which could lead to dry rot and eventually ruin your rug. 
  • Wrapping with puncture resistant paper will keep mice from nibbling at your rug over time.  This will keep insects out as well. 
  • Keep the wrapped rug off the floor of your storage area.  This will ensure that it will not come in contact with water if there is a flood or leaked water on the floor, and it will circulate more air. 
  • If you are storing your rug for a longer period of time, it is beneficial to unwrap the rug every 12 months or so, just to make sure that it is still in good condition, and to give it a quick cleaning with the vacuum, too.

Properly vacuum the rug

There is a certain vacuuming procedure that will help to keep your rugs in great condition. 

  • Start by vacuuming the backside of the rug by laying it facing down.  Go side to side, then up and down the entire length of the rug.  This will help to jar the dirt out of the base and allow you to then vacuum it out of the pile and off of the floor. 
  • Pick the rug up and remove the loose dirt that has been shaken out onto the floor underneath the rug by sweeping or vacuuming it.
  • Lay the rug right side up and vacuum the surface, side to side and up and down the length of the rug.  Repeat if necessary. 

Preserve the pile

Preserving the pile of your rug will keep it from looking worn. 

  • When you have furniture sitting on your rug, you can use carpet casters that will protect your rug. 
  • Moving the furniture slightly once per week will keep the rug from becoming damaged, too.  You don’t want the furniture resting on the same area permanently. 
  • When the pile is crushed, you can help to raise it by using a credit card or scraper and scrape it in the opposite direction. 
  • Using a steam iron, hold the iron about 2 or 3 inches above the area and steam it to dampen it.  The fibers will swell and the area will look restored.  Allow the rug to completely dry before replacing your furniture. 

A rug can be a wonderful piece of art or d├ęcor to add style to any room.  Taking good care of your rug will ensure that you can keep using it for years to come.

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