What You Need To Know About Eyewear Fittings Before Visiting An Optician

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Eyecare specialists are qualified to test your sight and prescribe glasses, such as single vision and bifocals, for you. Many eyewear stores run websites that not only allow you to buy glasses online but also inform you about how to go about getting a new pair of glasses or an existing pair repaired from a bricks and mortar store. Perusing the information on these websites prepares you for a visit to licensed opticians for a pair of new glasses. You’ll be able to ask informed questions about taking care of your eyes and keeping them safe. The process of creating appropriate eyewear for you begins with a preliminary eye test. If you’re already using prescription glasses, the optician will check for changes in vision and recommend corrective eyewear for improved vision. The eyewear could be a pair of glasses or contact lenses; the choice is influenced by your lifestyle and personal preference. The optician can provide you with vocation-specific glasses such as those that are ideal for sports such as basketball and tennis or glasses for people that spend long hours sitting in front of a computer screen.  Licensed opticians will inform you about the various options available to you and, given your lifestyle and budget, the benefits of each. For example, bifocals treat for both shortsightedness and farsightedness. They are an alternative to purchasing two pairs of glasses for each condition. Varifocal glasses are yet another type of corrective lenses and an option available to you; they offer an advantage over bifocal lenses in that they allow for a seamless transition of view as the viewing distance changes. Prescription glasses are available in different styles and at a store you have the opportunity to tap into the experience of an optician. This will help you pick up a pair best suited to the shape of your face – oval, round, triangle, heart, or square. Would you like the pair rimless or with rims? Do you want thin lenses? These will cost a little more. Do you step out into the sun? Then, consider photochromic lenses for your spectacles.  Opticians in Canada are required to meet the standards set by the National Association of Canadian Optician Regulators. While you are under no obligation to have your eyewear fitted by the optician that prescribes glasses for you, doing so offers useful advantages. The optician has assessed your requirements during the eye test and can guide you in making a purchase decision. Stores offering lenses and fittings also repair eyewear, which means if ever you need the frame aligned or a lens cleaned, you can approach the store that created these for you. With their qualifications and experience, such opticians in Canada are well-suited to attend to vision correction requirements for children and senior citizens. (For a place to buy glasses online, consider a site such as Polar Vision...

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How To Work With A Logo Designer

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Once you’ve made the smart decision to invest in a professional logo for your business, you’ll need to work with a logo designer. Together, you’ll be able to come up with a logo that brands your company and communicates what your business is all about. Express Your Business Personality The first step to a successful relationship with a professional logo designer is to express your business’s personality. Your designer should obviously know what you sell, who you sell it to, and where you sell; beyond that, though, you should express the culture of your business, and the personality you want to convey. Expressive words will help your designer understand where you’re coming from. Examples of words to describe your business may include fun, upscale, or sophisticated. Sit down with your computer or a sheet of paper and list some words that you think of when you consider your business. Try to imagine the words that you want your customer to think of when they interact with your business. Give the list to your logo designer for inspiration. Work With a Color Palette Your business logo should have a definite color palette that matches the personality of your business.  For example, if you sell leather goods, you might choose warm browns and shades of beige. Your designer will be able to suggest colors for your logo, but you can help guide them in their choice. If there are certain colors you are drawn to, or others that you strongly dislike, you can help save time by mentioning ones to include or ones to steer clear of. Understand the Revision Process You should know upfront that the first conversations you have with your designer are the most important. This is what they will base their first drafts on. Revision requests are expected and often included in the price. But if you change gears completely and ask for a design revision that varies dramatically from what you initially discussed, you can expect to be charged accordingly. Revisions should be based on small adjustments and preferences of one draft design over another; not total redesigns. Once you have decided on a final logo design, your designer will give you digital files in several formats that you can give to your printer, webmaster and sign company to market your business. You will have complete ownership of the logo and can use it in any manner you wish. If you’re looking for a logo design company in your area, contact Signet Design...

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Tint Revival: Considerations Before Installing Residential Window Tinting

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If you’re a homeowner who’s fed up with high utility bills and faded furniture, you might be looking into window tinting to try to control the amount of light that gets into your home. Window tinting has been around for a while, but newer technologies have really improved its ability to cut out glare and heat. However, there are a few considerations that you need to think about first: Night Vision Window-tinting technology has improved daytime visibility through the tinting — you aren’t blackening your windows completely — but many types still prevent you from being able to see out when it’s dark. If you like to look at stars or see the city lights stretching out into the distance, the wrong type of window tint can block those out almost completely. A few manufacturers have created tints that still allow for nighttime visibility; look for those if you still want to see outside the house after dark. Rules and Regulations Homeowners’ associations sometimes have issues with window tint, particularly the very shiny, reflective type. Tints that are less visually intrusive are a little easier to get approved, but the types of tint you can use will still vary from HOA to HOA. Always double-check the brand and style of window tint you want to use with the HOA before arranging to install it. Your HOA might also have a list of suggested contractors who are familiar with the HOA’s requirements. Not-So-Subtle Changes One other issue to consider is the fact that the darker the tint, the less light will get into your house — meaning that if you open your windows for natural light, you’ll get less of it than you would if you didn’t have tint on the windows. On one hand, that’s an advantage during summer, when the sunlight is bright and hot. But come wintertime, that reduction in natural light may become quite evident. Window tint does have obvious advantages, and as long as you’re aware of the disadvantages and considerations, using the tint could be very beneficial. Good tinting will cut down on excess heat getting into your home, and UV-protective coatings should reduce the amount of fading you see on furniture and carpeting. If you want to find out more about the window-tint types that would work well in your home, contact a company like Reflec Tech or that installs several different types and brands. They’ll have a better idea of how each type will affect what you see inside and outside your house, and which type will give you the best efficiency and...

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Keep Your Rugs Looking Like New

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Area rugs can help to make a room feel warmer.  They can also add texture and color to an otherwise boring room.  Rugs also help to define space within a room.  Furniture placement in a large room is easier when an area rug is used.  To keep rugs looking like new, you must take good care of them.  Here are some tips on helping your rugs stay looking great.  Regular care A light cleaning with a vacuum can remove the dirt that has not yet embedded within the rug’s pile.  Although a rug should be deep cleaned or steam cleaned annually, you can simply vacuum the dirt out every few days.  Going against the pile will raise the nap, remove dirt and will help keep it looking fresh. Living with animals Rugs can be damaged by pet urine, feces and vomit.  Damage doesn’t have to be permanent if you can deal with it immediately.  If a professional rug cleaning is out of the question because of time, start by absorbing the urine with a cloth.  Lightly spray the area without flooding it with a mixture of vinegar and water and continue to blot.  Spot removers or chemicals on the stain will do more damage to the rug.  Simply dampen and blot until the spot is removed.  As for feces and vomit, try to blot up whatever you can, and have the rug professionally cleaned as soon as possible. This will eliminate odor and bacteria as well. Storing your rug Rugs should always be stored clean.  Wrapping a dirty rug will do permanent damage to it.  It is best to have it professionally cleaned before you store it.  Wrap it in a material that is both water and puncture resistant.  If moisture is trapped inside the rug, it will cause mold, which could lead to dry rot and eventually ruin your rug.  Wrapping with puncture resistant paper will keep mice from nibbling at your rug over time.  This will keep insects out as well.  Keep the wrapped rug off the floor of your storage area.  This will ensure that it will not come in contact with water if there is a flood or leaked water on the floor, and it will circulate more air.  If you are storing your rug for a longer period of time, it is beneficial to unwrap the rug every 12 months or so, just to make sure that it is still in good condition, and to give it a quick cleaning with the vacuum, too. Properly vacuum the rug There is a certain vacuuming procedure that will help to keep your rugs in great condition.  Start by vacuuming the backside of the rug by laying it facing down.  Go side to side, then up and down the entire length of the rug.  This will help to jar the dirt out of the base and allow you to then vacuum it out of the pile and off of the floor.  Pick the rug up and remove the loose dirt that has been shaken out onto the floor underneath the rug by sweeping or vacuuming it. Lay the rug right side up and vacuum the surface, side to side and up and down the length of the rug.  Repeat if necessary.  Preserve the pile Preserving the pile...

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Maintaining Your Home’s Locks

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A deadbolt lock can increase the safety of your home, but only if it’s working properly. Take the time to inspect your locks every month or two to make sure they are in perfect working order. Do: Lubricate your locks regularly. Don’t: Use a powdered lubricant. Locks seize up or stick for a variety of reasons, but the most common cause is poor lubrication. A standard deadbolt lock is made up of several moving internal parts. Dirt and residue from constant use can jam the lock, making it difficult or impossible to open. A quick squirt of a spray lubricant formulated for use in locks can free up the mechanism. Don’t use graphite powder or similar lubricants, because the powder can gum up the locks. If your lock is still stuck, don’t force it. Instead, call out a locksmith to perform a proper repair. Do: Inspect the strike plates. Don’t: Force the latch to “fit.” If you are having difficulty turning the lock to secure it, and you know the internal workings aren’t to blame, the problem is likely in the strike plate. This is the plate on the door jamb with the central hole that the deadbolt latch slides into. If it doesn’t line up properly with the latch, or if the hole doesn’t line up properly, the latch won’t slide in smoothly. Don’t keep forcing the lock to bolt. This can damage the lock or the wood inside the door jamb, weakening the entire lock in the process. If you can’t get the striker plate to line up correctly on your own, a locksmith can fix the problem quickly – and without damage to the door. Do: Keep debris out of the keyhole. Don’t: Clean it with water. Dirty keys result in a dirty lock. The more dirt inside the lock, the more likely that it will become jammed. Keep your keys clean and dry to cut down on the amount of dirt that gets into the lock. If moisture gets into an exterior lock during freezing weather, the lock may even freeze up. Don’t force a jet of water into the keyhole to clean it out if you think it’s dirty, this can cause rust damage inside the lock. You can clean out the keyhole with a spray lubricant if necessary. Do: Make sure the hardware is properly installed. Don’t: Ignore broken or loose screws. Finally, inspect the lock monthly to make sure the various screws that holds the lock and striker place are firmly screwed in. These can sometimes work out on their own. Don’t ignore a loose or broken screw, because it could compromise the security and the operation of the lock. When in doubt about a lock problem, take the time to call in a locksmith. He can quickly fix any problems and the fee is a small price to pay for safety and security. For more information, contact a company like RNR Lockworks Ltd with any questions or concerns you might...

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5 Questions To Ask A Security Guard Service Before You Hire Them

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When you’re about to host an important event and you want to hire a security company to provide protection, you need to make sure that the company you hire has the right kind of staff that is trained and experienced to handle any issue that comes up. So to help you vet your security company, here are five questions to ask before you make a hire. What Specific Training Do Your Guards Have? — You don’t want to hire guards who have been through a four-hour course on security and then believe they are ready to be called professionals. Here’s what you are looking for: guards who have taken a minimum of four hours of training in terrorism awareness, weapons of mass destruction, public relations, observational techniques, communication and legal liability. These are all essential training tools for a professional security guard like one from Calgary Security Services Ltd, so if you don’t hear at least three of these responses, look for another security company. Have All Your Guards Undergone Background Checks? — This is another important question, because you want guards who don’t have any criminal backgrounds that might result in them stealing items from your event, especially if you’ve hired them to provide security at a wedding, where gifts and money are in abundance. Ask the security company to provide you with verified fingerprinting checks done by the company on behalf of its employees. Do You Provide Armed Security? — If your event is high profile and you are fearful of real threats, you may need to hire a security company with armed guards. Not all security companies have armed personnel because of the additional firearms training and licensing associated with carrying a weapon, so you can’t just assume that the company’s guards are armed. Keep in mind that you will pay more to hire armed security guards as liability insurance is higher due to the increased risk of someone getting hurt. What About Metal Detectors? — If you’re hiring guards for a school or church, you may need to have metal detectors installed to ensure that no guest or visitor is carrying a weapon onto your premises. Some security companies have these detectors as part of the services they provide, while others can make provisions to obtain them if you have the need. Will Your Guards Make Arrests? — This may be important if there’s an incident at your event that requires the restraining and arrest of an individual. In Australia, ordinary citizens can make arrests without a warrant to prevent acts of violent or a breach of the peace. But some security companies prefer to restrain suspects and call uniformed law enforcement authorities to make the actual arrest. Find out which method the prospective security company uses, so you won’t be caught by surprise on the day of your...

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Safety And Fire Extinguisher Usage

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It’s a common scene in television and movies. Flames are shooting high, smoke is filling the room and a group of frightened people cower behind one valiant individual, fighting the growing flames with a fire extinguisher. The problem with this scenario is that it inaccurately depicts the way fire extinguishers should be used. There are certain steps that must be taken in order to use a fire extinguisher. Read on for ways to determine if using a fire extinguisher is the right choice in an emergency and for a refresher on how to properly use an extinguisher.  Consideration #1- Is everyone out of the building? Fire is unpredictable; so it’s never safe for bystanders to stay in the building. The absolute first thing that must happen, even before anyone calls for emergency help, is that everyone exits the building. You should not attempt to use an extinguisher until you are certain everyone is safely out of harms way and emergency services has been contacted. Consideration #2- Is the fire growing? A small contained fire is manageable with a fire extinguisher. A growing fire is not something to be trifled with. Instead of attempting to fight a blaze that is spreading, you should exit the building and wait for the firefighters to arrive. Consideration #3- Is the room filling with smoke? Smoke inhalation is very dangerous. It is the leading cause of death in indoor fires.  The lack of oxygen, combined with toxic fumes, can overwhelm you in no time, causing you to lose the ability to think clearly and eventually even causing you to lose consciousness. If the room is filled with smoke, do not use the fire extinguisher. Exit the building and wait for emergency crews to fight the fire.  Consideration #4 Do you know how to use the fire extinguisher? It seems like a no-brainer. You aim the hose at the fire and shoot, right? Wrong! If you aren’t aware of how to use the fire extinguisher, such as one from Total Fire Protection Services, it can take precious time to figure it out; time you may not really have. If you have had some training on how to use it, keep your back to a safe exit route and try to remember PASS: Pull the pin. It’s in place to prevent accidental extinguisher discharge, so you have to pull it for the equipment to work. It’s generally easy to spot. Look for a round circle near the level. Insert your finger and pull backwards. The pin should be removed.  Aim the hose at the base of the fire. The base of the flames is where the fuel source is, so you must concentrate the spray there for the extinguisher to be effective. Squeeze the lever with firm, consistent pressure. Easing the pressure will lessen the flow. Releasing the lever will stop the flow completely.  Sweep side to side, moving closer to the fire as it feels safe to you. Continue to sweep the flow from the extinguisher back and forth until the fire is out. In a fire, safety is paramount. Decisions need to be made in split seconds. If you aren’t confident the above parameters are in place, it’s best to exit the building and make sure help is on the way. If you do...

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3 Reasons To Upgrade Your Old Bulky Printer

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Are you constantly dealing with issues when operating your home printer? If so, and if your printer is an older model, then you may want to consider replacing it. Not only will a newer model printer perform much better, but will make printing at home much more convenient and easier to do. So, rather than deal with the constant struggle of getting your older printer to print, think about replacing it, as there are so many benefits of a newer model printer, such as: Up-To-Date Features: It is becoming normal for more and more printers to have more than one feature, which makes newer model printers more convenient to have around the house. You can find printers that offer scanning, wireless and coping features, which makes a new model serve as a multi-purpose printer. This allows you to receive all of your personal, business and any work related prints, all from the convenience of your home, which is extremely helpful. The Size of the Printer: Like all technology components and devices, printers are becoming a smaller, making them easier to fit on your desk or in your office cabinet. So, rather than deal with a huge bulky printer that you must place on your floor, you will find it much more convenient to have a smaller and more modern printer on your desk, as this takes up far much less space than older model printers. The Performance: New printers are much faster, as the toner heads and read speeds have increased tremendously over the years. This allows your printer and computer to have a much stronger connection, so you can print without getting constant error messages or dealing with connection issues. Also, your newer printer will be able to print more and faster than your older model printer, which makes printing bulk prints from home much easier and less stressful to do. With features and benefits like these, you will find a newer model printer to be much more ideal. A new printer will allow you to print multiple different types of prints in a very short period of time, all from within your home. No more having to spend money at a local print shop or dealing with the constantly struggle of getting your home printer to work. So, if it has been years since purchasing your printer, you may want to opt for a newer model printer, as this may make printing from home for all of your needs much easier to do. If you need a professional print job done, visit Samco Printers...

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Play It Safe When A Prowler Is Lurking Outside Your Home

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Motion detector lights are quite good for scaring away prowlers, burglars, and potential home invaders. If you are at home late at night and the motion detector lights go on, take the situation seriously and act in a deliberate and careful manner. Most importantly, never overreact and force an unnecessary confrontation with a possibly dangerous criminal. Never Open the Door to Take a Better Look You cannot be sure anyone is outside so you choose to open the door to see what’s there.  Huge mistake. What you have just done is opened a portal for a thug to enter your residence. A criminal could very well be waiting right outside your door. The second you open it, an opportunity is created for an armed assailant to push his/her way right inside. Employ the Stealth Approach If you want to determine whether or not someone is outside the home prowling about, do so in a stealthy manner. From a window with the blinds down, stand off to the side, open a slight slit in the blinds, and peer out inconspicuously. You want to be able to see the prowler and, yet not be seen yourself. The best way to avoid being noticed is simply to have camera set up outside the residence. Security systems, such as those from Snider’s Electronics, with video monitors allow you to see what is occurring on your property from a safe location. Treat the Situation Like an Emergency, Call the Police If you are positive someone is lurking about on your property, call the police and request assistance. This is going to lead to an immediate and serious response by any officers on duty or even off duty in the region.  Never take the presence of an intruder lightly. A prowler stumbling on your property late in the evening is an emergency situation. Have the police check things out the minute you suspect someone is trying to break into your home or even “merely” trespassing. Please note, dealing with the intruder is law enforcement’s job and not yours. Do Not Confront the Prowler Absolutely do not leave the safety of your home and attempt to detain anyone outside. This is extremely dangerous. As long as the person does not attempt to breach entry to your interior, you do not have to take any steps to defend yourself. Call the police and, if you are worried about your safety, remain on the line with the dispatcher until help...

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How To Remove And Keep Dog Odors Out Of Your Vacuum

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Keeping up with housework with a dog living in the house can be a lot of work. You spend a lot of time vacuuming to keep dander and fur from building up in the fibers of your carpeting. Unfortunately, after several uses, a vacuum can begin to smell like your dog’s dander and old fur. You can clean the dog odor out of your vacuum. Here, you will learn how to do just that. To complete this task, you will need: Replacement vacuum bag and filters Baking soda Powdered laundry detergent Scented dryer sheet Cleaning rags Shop vac Step 1: Unplug the vacuum and remove the bag and filters. If you have a bagless vacuum, empty the contents and set it aside. Step 2: Remove the screws that hold the base of the vacuum in place and remove the brush and belt. Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions if you are unsure of how to do this. Step 3: Use the shop vac to vacuum out any dust and dog fur that is built up in the vacuum. If you do not have a shop vac, you can use a feather duster or cleaning rag to wipe out as much dust and fur as possible. Step 4: Wipe down the inside and outside of the vacuum cleaner. Reach as far into the tubing as possible. Try wrapping a cleaning rag around a broom handle, taping it into place and sending it through the vacuum hose. Step 5: Let the vacuum breath for a night. Set it outside or in your garage to air out. Step 6: Replace the belt, brush, and base of the vacuum. Insert new filters. Before replacing the vacuum bag, stick a scented dryer sheet inside it. If you have a bagless vacuum, set a scented dryer sheet inside the canister. Tips for Keeping the Vacuum Smelling Fresh Before you vacuum, sprinkle the carpet with a small amount of baking soda and powdered laundry detergent. This is basically a cheaper form of carpet powder. Allow the mixture to rest in your carpet for a half hour to absorb the dog odors. Vacuum thoroughly to remove all of the powder from your carpet. When you put your vacuum away after use, the baking soda and laundry powder will help eliminate the dog odors that would worsen as it sits in your vacuum. Repeat this process every six months or when you notice the dog odors coming from your vacuum during use. Contact your local vacuum experts, such as Langley Vacuum & Sewing Centre, for more...

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