The History of Canadian Health Care

In an ever-changing balancing act between what the public needs and medical advances, Canada’s health care system has become part of the country’s social progress. It began with a simple survey and has become an example to the world today of providing citizens with the best socialized medical care available.

Designing a System that Worked

In 1949, a survey was offered at election time asking Canadians if they would support a socialized health care plan, to which they would make monthly payments. An overwhelming 80 percent of responders said “yes.” As the system was worked out over the following 8 years, problems were addressed and improvements were made. In 1957, legislation was written and passed that gave the federal government the ability to provide health care to all Canadians.

Canadian Health Care Today

Today, health care is offered to all citizens. If a resident moves, they are still entitled to coverage. All health care facilities participate in the system, so that the insured can find the care they need. All necessary services are covered, which leads to a population that is healthier.